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Quit picking on the insurance companies

Editor’s note: The following letter was sent to Sen. Michael Bennet.

Dear Editor:

Thank you for coming to Glenwood Springs Saturday. We have several challenges ahead and we must work together using common sense to restore our republic. I want to say a few more things about the health care bill I did not get a chance to talk about in the meeting.

First, Democrats desperately need your vote to pass the reform bill, and you have the power to demand all special favors in the bill be eliminated. That is the principled leadership Americans are hungry for and we expect no less of you.

Second, there is a part in the bill that affects my industry I want to discuss with you. This is your support of a law that dictates the percent of administrative expenses permitted at an insurance company. This idea is so un-American and I can’t believe you joked at your meeting that it would be nice if insurance companies were not allowed to make a profit.

Mr. Bennet, we can disagree on certain points, but the government has no authority to tell a private citizen how much they are allowed to earn or start dictating what they must spend on expenses at their company. If you want to start regulating pay of your fellow citizens, why don’t we start with you and let me regulate your pay? I know it’s fun around your fellow Democrats to pick on insurance companies but I expect that in the future you will respect the rights of all citizens in this country and those in the room with you.

All of us have a right to earn a profit in a free enterprise system. If you don’t want to do business with a company that earns a profit, then don’t. Do business with a nonprofit insurance company! They do exist and you have the choice. This is the opposite of our monopolistic public school system you used to run, where if we don’t like it, we still have to pay for it. But it’s a lot more fun to pick on free market insurance companies than our monopolistic public schools, right senator?

Peter Martin


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