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Quiet, please

Dear Editor:I was born and raised in Colorado, and Aspen is one of my most favorite places on the planet. I am now transplanted, but I frequently reminisce about all the pleasant times I spent in Aspen, both in the summer and the winter. One of its enduring charms was the quiet that one could experience there. The summer music festival filled the air with pleasant sounds, but one could even escape from them, if one wanted to do so.Noise is the No. 1 problem in urban America. It is pervasive, persistent, unnecessary and unhealthy. The World Health Organization and other bodies have published well-documented evidence on the many adverse health, social and economic effects of noise. This body of evidence grows on a daily basis. The National Library of Medicine database now contains over 1,000 citations of the adverse health effects of noise. Why would Aspen want to relax its noise ordinance to allow more noise for a longer period of time?Be honest! When was the last time you, or any one that you know, came home from an event (public or private) and said, “Boy, that would have been a lot more fun if only it had been noisier.” How many times have you been annoyed by noise in theaters, restaurants, and other public places? Does it seem to you, as it does to many, that our cities are becoming noisier and more unpleasant?I would urge the city mothers and fathers to protect Aspen’s citizens and their need for peace, quiet, and restful contemplation of the beauty and history of the setting in which they are now privileged to reside. Stop all the unnecessary noise.Louis Hagler, M.D.Richmond, Calif.

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