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Dear Editor:Well, I guess Condoleezza Rice can put a smile back on her face. She should – she is not a pretty sight otherwise. President Bush’s “yes” person is right in there despite her interrogation from Sen. Barbara Boxer and Sen. John Kerry. She claimed she was asked some pretty tough questions. I thought they were pretty simple. She couldn’t answer any of the questions with a yes or no. All she did was get angry and ended up twisting the answers to sound as though someone was questioning her integrity.Boxer had a lot of dates and a lot of issues regarding Rice, which she of course denied that she completely skirted around. You wonder why she couldn’t give a direct answer of yes or no? Mainly, as Boxer said, she was given a mission to sell the war to the American public and she succeeded, and in doing so compromised not only herself. How can you believe someone who refused to admit that she forced half truths on the American public. She denies everything.Rice couldn’t answer Kerry as to what happens after the Iraqi election. No timetable for us to mobilize our troops away. When will the so-called “war is over” that the president proclaimed, actually be over? When will the killing and bombing of our men and women be over? The bombers just keep coming. The service men and women are not any safer than they were before the war was over – in fact, that is when the killing really began. Even if there is an election, who will be running for an office that is considered so deadly? Who will want to vote and be killed for doing so? There is no timetable, there is no end to a huge debt. Well, Rice has been confirmed and she can breathe easier now – she won’t have to be on the hot seat anymore. She just needs to tell President Bush, “I am here and ready to serve for anything you want done.” She will also not have an opinion that he does not agree with, because that is what Colin Powell did and you can bet he is out of there.Oh, by the way, I was wondering why the president had to have such an expensive inauguration? Well, he had to do something with all the money that the tobacco industry and the drug industry and all lobbyists wanting a favor from the president’s office contributed to his party. It was paid for by all donations. The security was ridiculous, since the president came on national TV to tell all of us Americans that homeland security has been beefed up and you need to go about your lives and stop worrying about the terrorists. Looks like someone was still worried about it.Jane SpauldingCarbondale

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