Questions for the ‘man with a mission’ |

Questions for the ‘man with a mission’

Dear Editor:

Re: Scott Shane, news story, “Experts predict flood of scarred soldiers coming back from Iraq.” (Aspen Times, Dec. 16)

Experts now estimate that one in three veterans from the Iraq war will probably suffer from symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. These symptoms on the part of trauma-battered G.I.s are questions, questions addressed to the commander-in-chief ” questions he never bothered to grapple with before sending them into harm’s way. Questions like: “Why am I here risking being killed and killing the people of Iraq? They didn’t attack us.”

This dilemma goes beyond the pale of psychiatric diagnostics and is a direct consequence of the moral insanity that drove this administration to war in the first place. Here, as well as elsewhere, ordinary grunts are taking the hit for the “man with a mission,” who failed to show up for duty.

Joel Brence, M.D.