Questions for Depp trashers |

Questions for Depp trashers

Dear Editor:Enough of trashing Johnny Depp for his generous and loving HST send-off. It had to be of some comfort to his family, as it was to all his friends and to us admirers of a truly good man in this greedhead era.Questions for the trashers (including self-appointed outside agitators) – ready?1) Do you understand “metaphor?” What else would be fitting for the man who told grand truth through brilliant exaggeration? Excess was exactly right, not some trite “in lieu of flowers, send donations to … “2) How many of the whiners belong to the Minneapolis One-percent Foundation or make comparable gifts to any selfless enterprise?3) Do they approve supporting rock and sports star and corporate CEOs with their obscene salaries and spending? Johnny Depp harmed no one. Compare with Enron, WorldCom, Wall Street insiders and auditors. Ed WagerCarbondale

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