Questions about ‘leap’ to iPads |

Questions about ‘leap’ to iPads

Dear Editor:

Concerning the city of Aspen’s “leap from paper to iPad” (The Aspen Times, Nov. 25), here are a few questions because some folks resent being electronically marginalized and are fighting to keep from being forced onto the Internet superhighway against their will.

If the City Council meeting packets are going to be distributed electronically rather than printed out, how will the city handle citizens when they drop in at City Hall before a meeting and want to read through the packet? Will people be handed an iPad so they can read the packet or will they be expected to buy a $1,000 iPad of their own to access the packet?

The city is still required to post its City Council meeting agenda 24 hours in advance of the meeting. Will the city nail an iPad to a bulletin board at city hall in order to save paper?

Carbondale still provides printed-out packets on a table in the trustees meeting room for the people to read and refer to during its meetings. Will Aspen provide a stack of iPads for the public to refer to during City Council meetings? Will the iPads make a bunch of noise when they are turned on throughout the meeting? What if homeless people start stealing the unattended iPads so they can sell them for booze?

Does the city of Aspen give a rat’s ass about the public’s right to know how decisions are being made, and does it understand that in most cases the people have the right to the same information as elected officials (excluding personnel matters, real estate negotiations and some legal issues)?

Lynn Burton