Questions about a phone survey |

Questions about a phone survey

Dear Editor:

Please explain to me why I continue to receive calls from an independent survey company in Boulder asking me to participate in a survey regarding the expansion of the Wheeler Opera House.

I have asked three times to be removed from the call list to no avail. I would like to know why:

1) The city is funding an independent survey at a time when budgets throughout the city system are being cut.

2) Where are the funds coming from to fund this survey?

3) Who is responsible for authorizing the funding of this survey?

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4) What are the results of this survey going to be used for?

5) And finally, where did this company obtain my cell phone number in order to contact me and why are they not responding to my request to be removed from their call list?

The number that was on my caller ID is 303-786-9500. Feel free to ask them the same above questions if they should contact you and please write to whomever else you feel appropriate in order to question the actions of the city officials who feel it necessary to spend money to find out how the citizens of Aspen feel about this topic. I thought that was what voting was for.

Lorraine Hanyak Feher


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