Questions 2B & 2C |

Questions 2B & 2C

Aspen Times Staff

Snowmass Village voters will be asked two financial questions in the Nov. 2 election.Question 2B concerns the town’s land transfer tax, a tax specific to real estate purchases that does not affect other taxes. It is an existing tax that would simply be extended if approved. In other words, the ballot measure is basically asking whether citizens of Snowmass Village want to continue to tax real estate purchases to fund a variety of the town’s capital costs, such as transportation, landscaping, trails and some roads.Question 2C addresses how tax monies are handled. “[It] basically just says that any revenues that the town receives through these or additional sales taxes … we continue to get to retain it and spend it on town services,” explained town finance director Marianne Rakowski. “It doesn’t allow us to increase taxes without going to the voter, it doesn’t allow us to change tax rates, nor to change the way that we have to deal with the mill levy.”In addition to a sales tax, any fees we get from new developments – key if, say, Base Village were to get passed – we’d be able to continue to collect and retain those fees we receive for our services,” she said.

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