Questioning the tax hike

Dear Editor:

All of us who live in Pitkin County owe our county tax assessor, Tom Issac, the Pitkin Board of County Commissioners and the state of Colorado a real debt of gratitude for the lucid and concise explanation in their recent newspaper insert, of why our property values and taxes will be increasing, in the worst real estate market and economy since 1929.

Now, I clearly understand the process and want every single homeowner in Pitkin County to join me in the ensuing two years, to protest at Tom’s office and the county commissioners’ meeting room, when we will get another “dog and pony show” about why our taxes are going up in 2010 and 2011.

Sorry, Tom and commissioners, the next two years (the span which will be covered during the 18-month period from July 1, 2008, to December 2009), will undoubtedly be “recorded” as the greatest decline in the history of our local real estate market and economy, and that will call for unprecedented DECREASES in our property taxes.

But we’ll see if you are stepping up to explain the decrease, as well as you explained away the increase.

See you then!

Bennett Bramson

Old Snowmass


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