Questioning Skico’s HR priorities |

Questioning Skico’s HR priorities

Dear Editor:

In reference to the decision to include domestic partnerships as part of your benefits package plan at Skico, from my experience with communicating with large numbers of people about this theme, I believe that the greater silent majority today in the United States would not agree with this corporate move, because it would not benefit the greater good of strengthening family values.

On the other hand, I’m a winter volunteer ambassador at Buttermilk and for other Skico events. Ambassadors have worked under some of the worst conditions, weather-wise, known to man, and last year with inadequate uniforms that were not impermeable, so that when it rained, which it did, we were completely drenched and then frozen. I don’t believe that anyone asked us on those very health-threatening days to go home. And the point is, how is it that we could believe Skico really cares for people if they can’t take care of their own volunteers!

We did complain about the uniforms and for those health-threatening weather days, and never even got a response. The result: Many of us did get sick often and more than usual than with previous uniforms that were comfortable and drier.

This is for you to take into consideration.

Carlos Zaldivar

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