Questioning moderates |

Questioning moderates

Dear Editor:Stefan writes, “it is time for moderates to become passionate” (Letters to the Editor, Aug. 17). Please tell me one moderate that ever accomplished anything worthwhile or pushed forward an agenda with any teeth? In my view moderates are worse than any extremist, right or left wing fanatic or even an enemy. Moderates are fence sitters who don’t have the guts to take a position until they are sure their position fits with the majority. If we depended on moderates to handle issues of war and peace we would still be under the thumb of England or worse.At least with extremists, I can see the enemy coming and prepare for it. A moderate with a gun is like Ted Kennedy in a car … you may arrive to your destination OK but there is a damn good chance you’ll end up taking a dirt nap.I have no doubt Israel would be a distant memory if it wasn’t for their strength and their willingness not to be “moderate.”Jim MorganSnowmass Village


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