Questioning is our duty, not an attack |

Questioning is our duty, not an attack

Dear Editor:I found Joel Stonington’s two articles about the Sheriff’s Office in the Sept. 27 paper to be remarkable in two ways (“Sheriff responds to his challenger’s allegations” and “DEA, sheriff’s office make arrest in drug ring case”). First, to characterize candidate Rick Magnuson’s questioning of Bob Braudis’ leadership in the areas of DUI and drug enforcement as an “attack” on Bob is a bit over the top. Questioning your political opponent’s record is not an “attack.”And the article right under the “attack” piece that references a cooperative effort between DEA and the Sheriff’s Office was spun very nicely. Look, why not endorse Bob now and keep your opinions to the editorial page? Questioning authority (remember that one) is our duty in a democracy. It sounds to me like that is what Magnuson is doing. And if the questions lead to an informed and responsible electorate returning Bob to office, then good for all of us. If they lead to another result, then good for us as well. Let the questions continue.John GoodwinEl Jebel

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