Questioning an animal lover |

Questioning an animal lover

Dear Editor:Last Sunday I picked a panic-stricken dog off of the media strip on Highway 82. No tags, so I met the sheriff police at the AABC center so the poor dog could get to the shelter.[Tuesday] I read Kay Singer’s letter to the editor about how she is an animal lover. It made me sick. Kay, you do not let a “very sick dog” out to wander, possibly to be hit by a car or have its guts torn out by a pack of coyotes. Your dog deserved much, much better.Why did you not get your fat rear end out the door with your dog and walk a little. Both of you would have been better off for the walk. My only hope is that when you are old and sick somebody will open the door and let you out to walk into traffic.Ted BristolMissouri Heights

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