Questioning 2C |

Questioning 2C

Dear Editor:Election time is nearing, and voters should be properly informed.Vote no on Referendum 2C (Ordinance 22).There have been some serious misconceptions regarding the recycle center. Let the public know the real story and the real costs behind the deal.I have done the homework, as I was on the COWOP task force team helping to design a more efficient, quality recycle drop-off center for the city of Aspen. Here are some real facts: The city is expected to cough up approximately $775,000 and more (city funds – our tax dollars) if this passes. $475,000 is the amount owed by Obermeyer Redevelopment Co. to the city of Aspen for leasing city properties (city funds). This is not a donation from Obermeyer. It is their obligation. $300,000-plus (city funds) is the additional amount needed to complete the project. In summary, $775,000-plus is the total amount projected for the cost of the proposed recycle drop-off center if a building is to be present.Does the city really have to cover up the costs in order to cover up the recycle center? There are better ways to shield and cover up the mess at the current site without this price tag attached. Adequately repaving the area with proper drainage, berms with landscaping and attractive fencing are just a few obvious alternatives that promote a healthier, “greener” design.Vote no on Referendum 2C because we don’t want to rezone the park, and we don’t want to squander $775,000 of our tax dollars!Debra MooreRecycle center COWOP task force team memberAspen

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