Question of competence |

Question of competence

Dear Editor:Mead Metcalf is right on the money with his letter (Aspen Times, Sept. 1) regarding the disturbing vacuum of any vision about the resolution of Aspen’s traffic jam.Mead makes numerous outstanding solutions. The fact that most of the citizens of this town can put forth obvious solutions while the leaders struggle to so much as acknowledge the problem begs the question of competence.One begins to draw the conclusion that the elected leaders of a town which hosts events to solve the world’s problems are truly incapable of grappling with this issue. Anyone can sit around and pontificate on this and that, how we should lead the way on saving energy with our absurdly big homes and cars.It really seems that the City Council may as well be some book club discussing lofty ideas in a paneled room, with about as much capacity for creating a solution to this problem as becoming an author of one of the books they are discussing.Bart AxelmanBasalt

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