Question is democratic |

Question is democratic

Ms. Collins claims I have no regard for democracy (Aspen Times, Sept. 6), yet I wonder how open she would be to have a valleywide referendum on the Entrance to Aspen.

Let the commuters, from Woody Creek to Rifle, who are the “life blood” of our community decide whether to eliminate the S-curves. When the results come back 90 to 10, I think Ms. Collins might truly understand “democratic rights.”

I have agreed to put the Entrance issue on the ballot. It is a simple choice. I have not disregarded anybody.

Just because we are not asking the convoluted question Ms. Collins would have you answer does not mean the citizens of Aspen, and now Pitkin County, will not be getting a simple choice.

1. Keep the S-curves and continue with traffic; or 2. Go with an improved highway across Marolt and allow for mass transit improvements and a smooth ride in and out of Aspen.

That seems simple enough to me and completely in tune with our democratic traditions whereby the majority rules (not the selfish minority that happens to live near the proposed new highway).

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Finally, it is not my “straight shot,” it is not even straight. Please Ms. Collins (and everyone else), read the record of decision at the Pitkin County Library and then please vote for the modified direct route, eliminating the S-curves and improving everyone’s commute, on Nov. 5.

Tony Hershey

Aspen City Councilman

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