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Quaintness is part of the plaza’s charm

Dear Editor:

Regarding proposed changes to Galena Plaza, I visit Aspen during the summer months and have always felt that the plaza was an important part of the downtown – large enough to accommodate people and yet able to unify the various buildings close by. It’s a true plaza.

But it appears that the plaza could be destined to be like a playground at McDonald’s – the appearance of a gathering spot but hardly useful. The new building size in comparison to the land would make the space far less usable and inviting. Further, the larger events now hosted in the plaza – such as Shakespeare in the Park – would be lost because they draw more people than the plaza could accommodate. What a waste.

Rather, I would urge the city to consider ways to make the current plaza a better showcase for events that can truly “use” this fantastic public space – really like no other in the country.

Charles Kouri


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