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Putting Whole Foods in a bad light

Dear Editor:

I love Whole Foods and am glad it is a part of our community, but I am concerned over one particular aspect of the development of the store that appears to have been overlooked.

Whole Foods has become the largest contributor to light pollution in the Roaring Fork Valley south of Glenwood Springs. The interior lights of the store bathe all of Willits in a cool, white glow at night due to the large storefront windows and unusually large, lit signage for the region. The parking-lot lighting appears to have been designed with consideration to protecting our dark night skies, but the effort is lost due to the light emitting from the storefront windows and signage.

I believe dark night skies are one of the key defining characteristics of the Roaring Fork Valley, and I hope that as an environmentally conscientious member of the community, Whole Foods will take action to dim the lighting in its signage and install shades/screens in the windows that can be lowered at night to decrease the amount of light pollution bathing Basalt at night.

Other than that, I’m glad they’re here!

Richard J. Stumpf II

Glenwood Springs

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