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Putting the drug lords in charge

Halliburton and its subsidiaries are in the final running with Bechtel to reconstruct Iraq. Why should anyone be concerned?

Halliburton and its subsidiary, Brown and Root, have been implicated in drug running:

– In 1977 a now ex-Los Angeles policeman observed Haliburton’s Brown and Root leased or owned ships unloading heroin in New Orleans harbor and loading AK-47’s and M-16’s on their ships bound for Iran. The director of the CIA was senior Bush at the time, (www.copvcia.com, “The Bush Cheney Drug Empire”).

– In 1995 sacks of heroin were sold mistakenly as flour and sugar in a Siberian town of Khabarovsk where citizens got sick. A Russian bank, called Alfa group, was found to be transporting these drugs. The Alfa group had bought 51 percent of the Tyumen Oil Co., that was running drugs with oil as a cover.

These particular actors were enabled to gain power through the efforts of CEO D. Cheney of Halliburton from 1995 to 2000. He secured loans for this Russian conglomerate from the CIA-infiltrated Export and Import Bank (EXIM) and Overseas Private Investment Corp (OPIC).

Mr. Cheney and Halliburton in April, 2000, should have known the well-known facts, published in Russian papers, about the Alfa group laundering drug money from Columbia and Laos, drugs that were clearly identified, publicly, from the Siberian town incident.

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Later, Cheney and his Republican operatives were fully rewarded for their financing efforts for the Alfa group/Tyumen Oil Co. when their Washington, D.C., lawyer coordinated a $2.2 million fund raiser for George Bush, Jr., in 2000.

In summary, the reconstruction of Iraq and the U.S. might be reframed to address a global system of governments, transnational corporations and drug mobsters that loot the world’s resources,,

Elfreda Mortensen

Glenwood Springs