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Putting petty spats before the country

Dear Editor:

It seems to me that the last two decades the climate has changed politically. There seems to be less and less middle ground between the right and left. It seems that ever since the “Contract with America” our Republican and Democratic representatives have put much more emphasis into beating the other party than into introducing legislation that would benefit the majority of America.

Now I admit that my view of things may be skewed by the fact that before that era I was not as politically astute as I have become after that period. And to tell the truth I remember the turbulent times of the sixties when generations seemed to be constantly at each other’s throats about the war in Vietnam. Even with that said it seemed that at that time though there was a sense of fair play, even a duty to try and find common ground. A duty felt that does not exist in today’s politics.

It seems that the object of all things in politics now is to beat the other party’s brains in. Not legislate for the betterment of the country but beat the opposition at all cost even if that means sacrificing a portion of your base. It is all about changing the dynamic of a district to favor your political affiliation, creating anger amongst the electorate and mining discontent to further a feeling of dissatisfaction with the incumbent.

It is also all about shaping the Supreme Court with justices who are not afraid of “Interpreting the Constitution” instead of abiding strictly by its written word. It is now all about what a justice sees as his vision of our forefathers intent. Not strict Constitutionalism but an interpretive stance to the rhythm of the appointing party.

The news media does nothing to diffuse this tension between the parties but as a matter of entertainment fuels the division with “incite-full” reports that egg on politicians with the promise of round the clock national coverage that even the wealthiest PAC fund could not afford. Centrist ideas are not news enough but some extreme faction from either pole is given precious news coverage.

It’s all about conflict and like some Eugene O’Neill play the media stokes the fire with inflammatory stories.

Perhaps one day in the future, when things have finally gotten bad enough our lawmakers will come back to their senses and begin to once again work with each other to legislate for the benefit of the people.

For the polarity of politics today is destroying any earnest attempts at true legislation and governing. Until our representatives accommodate a more centrist platform the union suffers from such divisions only seen over a century ago. Back then the division was about slavery. Honestly now I do not see the huge divide that once tore apart a nation. This day’s division is a result more of petty bickering than ideological differences. So as the parties battle for supremacy the nation suffers.

Chris Vecchiarello