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Putting Bush through hell

Dear Editor:(This letter was originally addressed to “Theresa.”)”Four more years of hell.” You said this a few weeks ago at a rally and I heard you and it made me feel very bad for you. I am sorry you have had four years of hell.As for me and my family and friends, the past four years have been pretty much the same. We are all working, making decent salaries, buying cars and houses and educating the kids. There hasn’t been much change in our lifestyles except for the war. We agree with the war and feel it is better to fight it in the Mideast rather than here on American soil. The only person suffering with four years of hell in our opinion is George W. Bush, the president.He inherited a failing economy. It began to fail in August 1999. He inherited a fraudulent stock market, and corrupt corporations; also, don’t forget Arthur Andersen. Then, eight months into his job, 9/11 happened. Talk about the deficit! What did it cost to help New York City, the airlines, the families of the victims of 9/11? He inherited an intelligence department that did not know what it was doing. All this from the previous administration.He was ignored by the United Nations. He waited eight months before going into Iraq. He did not know that France, Germany and Russia did not adhere to the sanctions on Saddam and were making money on the guy, as was the United Nations. They refused to help.For two years, he has received nothing but insults and false accusations and absolutely no cooperation from men in the Senate, who should know better. If anyone had four years of hell our president has had it. Theresa, don’t believe what all those Democrats are telling you. That is why you had four years of hell. You better come back to the Republican Party. Life is what you make it.Dorothy CeremugaNew Castle

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