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Put your name behind it

Dear Editor:

Your editorial on Wednesday, Nov. 14, was a worthless piece of shit (although it did incite me enough to respond).

Your earlier stories adequately covered this issue in a more or less objective manner. Why do you assume that there is anything underhanded here? Can’t the administration reach out to a longtime community-serving family and make a goodwill gesture? Why must you insinuate that there is more involved than what you have been told or found out from your “underground or unnamed” sources?

What started out to be a no-win situation for the city, its staff and the Ryerson family has been handled, in my opinion, with a great deal of honesty, humility, compassion and community pathos. Get a life, and look for something that has real editorial meaning to the community. Also, stop hiding behind a blind byline. If you have something to say, sign your name to it just as I am.

Ron Erickson


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