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Put those bears on birth control

Dear Editor:

The following jot does not refer to a menacing football team with a sexy sing-song or a jowled coach lobbing chewing gum at sports fans in the stands. This written rant is yet another about the elevated incidents of bears in our beloved valley.

Twenty euthanized bears, 30, 40, how many will it be “this” season? Militant and political dissension aside, most of us can agree that euthanizing one majestic bear is one majestic creature too many. Unfortunately, this practice has become an obligatory evil here in our area.

In an effort to address this issue and the many plurals it continues to present, season after season, I invite us to consider the following. I invite us to openly discuss and study the feasibility of the following, and I invite us to possibly implement the following in order to solve this unfortunate situation: birth control for bears.

The practice of controlling the number of offspring in a family and/or the intervals between their births, particularly by means of artificial contraception or sterilization. (Sorry if this idea just made you ‘urp up you morning coffee!) Clean it up, and consider.

In 1992, we as a state voted to outlaw spring bear-hunting season. That definitive vote helped felicitate what we are experiencing now!

In Colorado, we have one of the finest vet schools in the nation, teamed up with the Division of Wildlife. I strongly believe these two entities can humanely solve this growing issue. Implementing a spay-and-neuter program, as such, will certainly take time and money and a great amount of study; however, would it not be cheaper and more humane than million-dollar house break-ins, car damage, Dumpster dumping and dog disappearances?

It might just be the silver bullet in our silver town!

Missen Brucker


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