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Put room to use

Dear Editor:

Can’t we all share the wonderful Galena Plaza public space (Rio Grande Meeting Room included)? Can’t we all push a proposal to repair the former Youth Center and add better acoustics, lighting, etc. so that all Aspen music groups, all Aspen theatre groups, all Aspen dance groups, and all Aspen art groups can utilize it when they need a small, reasonably priced performance and/or meeting space? Is there money for that?

If more arts groups were using it, there would be more income for a maintenance budget. Now that it’s been in the news so much, more groups are aware of the facility and are more apt to utilize it. We would also be helping the Canary Initiative by repairing and reusing the current building instead of scraping and replacing for two pollution-filled years. I’m not proposing the huge Galena Master Plan. I’m more interested in keeping things as they are there and just repairing. That seems to make more sense for the environment and the economy now.

How wonderful to see art and/or sculpture in that circular green area, Shakespeare and other small theatrical productions, musical trios, quartets, quintets, etc. playing outside or in the Rio Grande Meeting Room, photos in the room of the art that is on display at the Aspen Art Museum and Red Brick and Anderson Ranch, etc., classes and lectures held in the Rio Grande Meeting Room for music, art, dance, and drama (using the space as extensions of their home spaces). In other words, really utilize that space openly and equally for all the arts as well as government and other meetings and social gatherings. It would put all community groups on an equal and respectful level, and definitely bring more people to that area to enjoy the arts and great, unhindered views.

Ricki Smith Newman



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