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Put on a helmet

Many skiers of all stages have been hurt when hitting trees without wearing a helmet. This year alone, there have been 12 fatal accidents in Colorado.

Scientists say that almost all of them could have been avoided by wearing a helmet. This is why it should be mandatory to wear helmets on all ski hills.

It should be made a law to wear a helmet while skiing. Wearing a helmet while skiing can reduce the number of severe head injuries by more than half. Forty-four percent of head injuries in adult cases could be avoided and 52 percent in kids under the age of 15.

Studies have shown that after hitting a tree without wearing a helmet your brain will not return to its full brain activities. If you hit a tree without a helmet and get severe head trauma, there is only a one in five chance of living. While wearing a helmet there is a 50 percent better chance of living after hitting a tree.

In addition, it is a good idea to wear a helmet while skiing in the backcountry, because in avalanches occurring in the backcountry the main cause of death is suffocating after being knocked out by head trauma.

Helmets would reduce the chance of head trauma by 50 percent or more in avalanches. This would give you a chance to dig yourself out or give rescuers more time to get you out.

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In conclusion, it should be made mandatory to wear helmets on ski mountains to prevent senseless deaths and severe head injuries. Wearing helmets saves many lives a year and one day it could be yours. So be reasonable, and before you go out on the slopes put on a helmet. That’s the only sensible thing to do.

Louis Poletti


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