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Put another CEO on the fire; Face your fear, Barry

Brent Gardner-Smith
Aspen Times Staff Writer

The New York Daily News ran a story on Monday by Judith Schoolman about firms that falter even while their CEOs prosper.

“Just because a company’s bankrupt, don’t cry for the CEOs,” Schoolman writes. “According to an informal survey, many appear to be doing just fine, thank you, even as their companies face floods of red ink, their staffs are let go and the stock can’t be seen even with a microscope.”

And she mentions that former Warnaco CEO Linda Wachner has a pad in Aspen.

Wachner “was one of the nation’s highest paid CEOs, taking home a salary of $3 million a year,” she writes.

“This let her buy an apartment – albeit modest by millionaire standards – in New York currently valued at $566,000. According to local real estate records, Wachner has a home in Southampton, assessed at $260,000, and a wild west vacation hideaway in Aspen, Colo., valued at nearly $1 million.”

A “wild west vacation hideaway in Aspen?” For only a million? Nah, couldn’t be. A million bucks may buy a garden-level hideaway here, but there won’t be much “wild west” about it, unless she’s wearing chaps around the house.

@ATD Sub heds:Home-grown spook

@ATD body copy: A feature article in The Washington Post by Richard Leiby yesterday profiled author and ex-spy Bob Baer, who has been seen on TV quite a bit lately talking about his book “See No Evil: The True Story of a Ground Soldier in the CIA’s War on Terrorism.”

He’s got quite a few tales to tell.

“Most notably, there was this little misunderstanding about his role in an effort to topple Saddam Hussein back in 1995,” Leiby writes. “Washington got the impression that Baer, leading an operations team in northern Iraq, was plotting to assassinate Hussein. The FBI investigated him for conspiracy to commit murder.”

And as it turns out, he has some interesting roots.

“His memoir recounts an equally adventuresome upbringing: An only child, Baer roamed through Europe with his divorced mother in the 1960s. He later ditched classes at Aspen (Colo.) High School in favor of daredevil ski racing. (His mom, meanwhile, ran unsuccessfully for county office – as did author Hunter S. Thompson, who made a gonzo bid for sheriff in the same election.)”

Oh, that explains everything. Spook Power!

@ATD Sub heds:Homestead Road for home run king

@ATD body copy: Barry Bonds can hit baseballs like nobody’s business. But riding chairlifts, that’s another game.

John Nadel of The Associated Press last week reported on Bonds’ early success this season banging home runs, with two games and four homers.

But, it turns out, Bonds was less aggressive this winter.

“Bonds said he spent some time over the winter with his family in Aspen, Colo.,” Nadel reports. “‘It was a very nice place for me, and very quiet,’ he said. When asked about the skiing there, he replied: ‘I have no idea. I’m scared of the chairlift, I’m scared of heights.'”

That’s OK, Barry, Buttermilk has a rope tow fit for a king!

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