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Put a lid on it

Dear Editor:

Let me tell you a cool story! I heard through the e-vine about your Trauma Prevention Program and I want to applaud you for bringing this opportunity to the community to raise awareness about a very important safety measure.

As a children’s ski instructor, I have long encouraged all my clients to wear helmets. The kids are required, the adults strongly encouraged. The Aspen Skiing Co. is considering a policy to require all ski instructors to wear helmets, and this is long overdue. Tons of people of signing up to learn how to ski with ski/snowboard schools of Aspen and we are very good at what we do! But, I do believe we can take it a step further by not only teaching our clients how to ski well, but also how to ski safely.

This is what I love so much about your program! When I heard that I could call the ambulance headquarters for a fitting, I jumped at the opportunity. I have long (seven years!) had a helmet that I never felt comfortable in, making the decision to wear or not, one based on comfort rather safety.

Lisa Poole, a kind and super-educated-on-the-subject ambulance driver, walked me over to a closet full of helmets and immediately helped me identity the safest size for me. I was delighted to see tons of kids helmets that will be distributed to young ones in Aspen and the valley. It was pretty cool to think that that many kids would be fitted with safe head gear as they head out for their summer biking and skating activities! Brand new Giro and Bell helmets in all kinds of cool colors were stocked up and ready for distribution … awesome!

Lisa continued to tell me that they would be delighted to send my old helmet down to a community in need in Mexico and this furthered my delight in my simple and short visit out to AVH.

This program is awesome and I praise you for spending the time and resources on such a valuable and educational preventative program for this little town of mine and yours.

This is yet another thing about our community that makes it so rad to be a part of. You set a good example for other community programs to be modeled after, and other towns should pay close attention.

Thanks, AVH, Aspen Ambulance, Lisa Poole and the Trauma Prevention Program for keeping my head (and tons of others) safe this summer and beyond!

Clay Dahlman


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