Put a lid on Etna

Dear Editor:

I would first like to say that I am sorry to you. Sorry that you have to deal with Etna Tauscher. She seems to be a very unhappy person; unfortunately her unhappiness is directed at the wrong folks.

Through open records and a Google search, all of her law enforcement encounters have been through the Aspen Police Department. She talks about making reports of stolen property, and the sheriff’s department did nothing and they should not considering that she lives in the city. The actual case is under an APD investigator.

We, the vast majority of Aspenites, implore you to stop publishing her ravings and let us decide who our next sheriff will be. And we all know that it will be Joe DiSalvo.

Although there is no excuse for his actions at Jimmy’s, we all make mistakes; Joe is by and large the best man for the job. Period. Etna, please do us a favor and move downvalley.

Andrew Britton-Rushing