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‘Pure Love’

Dear Editor:

Love creates love all that matters

Is feeling love unconditionally

In every cell of our loving being

Present loving compassionately

A miracle of pure loving ecstasy

Our purpose on this loving earth

Is making loving responsible choices

Love is the magic secret of knowing

We are in loving service caring for

The loving soulful temple of love

Expressing deep affectionate love

Having loving thoughts of gratitude

Expressing loving words of beliefs

In loving action with loving attitude

A precious sensitive loving being

A gift of love “you are here” and now

Conceived of conscious love in union

A beautiful sacred loving heart being

We are what we think we are … love

Eternal love … infinite love … everlasting

Loving glorious brilliant divine love

Raw … pure and simple essence of love

Om love … om love … om love … om love

Hinton Harrison


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