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Pump it up, City Market

Dear Editor:

The other day there was an article about City Market in El Jebel changing its parking alignments in it’s parking lots (“Basalt City Market gets a gong for traffic mess,” Oct. 2, The Aspen Times). Also mentioned was paving the empty space on the east end of the parking area for more spaces.

Ever since City Market and King Soopers came out with their value cards, the only place I have been able to redeem gas credits is in Grand Junction at 10 cents a gallon, which to say the least is great in these tough times. Why not put some gas pumps in that vacant space on the east end of the parking lots in El Jebel? The City Market store in El Jebel has to be one of the most successful stores in their system so why not give those customers a place to redeem gas credits in El Jebel? Your thousands of customers would greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Chris Tessem


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