Public not getting full story |

Public not getting full story

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

I’m writing to present another side of the Obermeyer Place relocation plan.

What has recently been appearing in our local media is somewhat misleading. I own a small business and am relocating to a spot behind the Obermeyer offices in the ABC. I have been treated extremely well. I don’t believe that Klaus Obermeyer deserves the criticism he has received.

How many developers have come to Aspen and moved people and businesses out without a relocation package at all? Klaus Obermeyer was never required to accommodate anyone in the development of Obermeyer Place. He did so because he is an ethical business leader in Aspen and he believes sincerely in supporting and growing local business in our town.

It is unfortunate that the Aspen Daily News referred to the Zupancis property as a “trailer park.” It is a “business park,” and the modular homes chosen to house the future Obermeyer Place tenants are state of the art. To the best of my knowledge, everyone moving there is very happy.

I hope that in the future, those writing stories about this project will represent the full picture. Thank you.

Jeff Moonitz

Rocky Mountain Martial Arts