Public needs gonzo memorial |

Public needs gonzo memorial

Dear Editor:This letter is in regards to Hunter S. Thompson, and some type of public memorial for the great shark himself. I feel it is necessary for all the Gonzoites of the world to gather and mourn the death of the one who feels so close to our hearts. Thompson made such an impact on my life that I feel as though I knew him all along, and his death came as a shock and tear-jerker to me, as well as a few others I know. I feel a public memorial is necessary in honor of my favorite author, and I feel as though it might have a major impact on the country – in a positive way, of course – and our country needs that. This could be one of the most monumental moments in history; I mean all the country’s finest, gathered together under the great gonzo spirit could really make a difference. I’m not saying August would have been the time, I am just concerned that if it doesn’t happen, then it may never happen, and that scares me. Hunter Thompson deserves the world’s biggest celebration, not just a few family and friends, but all of Thompson’s friends (whether he knew them or not). In my opinion, Thompson was the world’s greatest author and American spirit, and the world needs to be forced to recognize this. So, we all need to get together and show the world what an impact this man had on our lives.Thank you.Matt RamsdellLynchburg, Va.