Public action needed |

Public action needed

Kudos to Emzy Veazy III and the following statement: “The evidence is clear and strong that Aspen business owners, politicians and homeowners long ago bit the hand that fed them and encouraged illegal [and legal] immigration into America.”

At the risk of sounding racist, xenophobic and many other less than positive declarations, I fully support what was written; furthermore, our Census Bureau and Labor Department will fully support the above-mentioned.

As for biting the hand that feeds them, are we going to wait until it is a case of biting the arm that feeds them?

Contact your state and federal representatives for free (via fax/phone/e-mail) through, and voice a pro or con opinion about our economic affairs here in the U.S. For statistical data, contact the Washington, D.C.-based headquarters of the Center for Immigration Studies (

A public action is needed.

Marty Lich

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