Pseudo-Pan-Abodes |


Dear Editor:There is only one Pan-Abode structure in the town of Aspen. It is a garage, located at 1208 Snowbunny Lane. Come by, have a look – it’s a beautiful building, and obviously not the same as the so called “Pan-Abodes” in town. Authentic Pan-Abode has always had double tongue and groove design and the logs are four inches thick; the fake Pan Abodes in town are three inches thick and they are single tongue and grove.”R Value” is the resistance value of the authentic ones, which is the measure of the effectiveness of insulation. A Pan-Abode through proper design achieves an overall value of R18 to R20 because of thermal mass (the ability of a material to store heat). They are made in the Vancouver area of Canada from western red cedar, and built throughout Canada and Alaska.Pan-Abode thought about suing the man who copied their design – his company was located in Washington state – but as they said to me, “We’re Canadian, it doesn’t fit into our style, so we didn’t. We probably should have.”Pan-Abode would not like all this talk about “making Pan Abodes historical” … as these in town are cheap, fake rip-offs, that appear to be Pan-Abode, but are not the well-built authentic.Donna ThompsonAspen