Psalm of bratwurst, from the book of tailgate |

Psalm of bratwurst, from the book of tailgate

Dear Editor:On the 22nd, when faced with an evil menace, the almighty Shanahan rose from the locker room with game plan in hand and the righteous Bronco team at his side. The team was strengthened by the resolve of the many great players who fought before them and the memories of Saint Elway’s Super Bowl teams.The chosen one: Plummer with flowing beard and locks took the field with a vengeance and purpose to strike down the invaders. He picked up the skin of pig and hurled it by the enemy with accuracy and poise. The philistines were struck down by the 95-percent completion percentage, void of the evil interception. As they closed in on the red zone, the almighty Shanahan unleashed the two-headed monster of Anderson and Bell for an easy 7 after 7. When the evil hoard managed to gain control of the skin of pig they attempted to drive the bus through nonexistent lanes closed by the holy line of Myers, Ebenezer, Brown and Price. Confused and scared, the philistines went to the air only to be intercepted by disciples Bailey and Lynch. When the Reverend Wilson blitzed, the Roethlisberger was brought to his knees and forced to repent like his brethren Raiders.In the end, the evil Steelers left the field of battle smote and hurt, realizing they had supported a false idol, finally understanding why sunsets are orange.With the unworthy Steelers banished, the Chosen Orange is one step away from fulfilling the prophecy of Super Bowl champs.Broncos 49 Steelers 0.Charlie MartinAspen

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