Proudly opposed to Hidden Gems |

Proudly opposed to Hidden Gems

Dear Editor:

I recently had the pleasure of partaking in one of our freedoms – the right to speak at a Town Hall meeting. I took my two minutes to speak then sat quietly listened to others who had the right to do the same.

I am writing at this moment in regard to the heckler leaving the meeting speaking against my belief instead of taking the time to share hers with me. People may be quick to judge me just because I have a “No Hidden Gems” sticker displayed on my vehicle or for what I may speak about publicly. But no one has ever stopped to take a minute and ask me about my passions and beliefs on public lands or share theirs.

Hidden Gems supporters may be surprised that I see things very similarly to them. I care about our public lands and even more this great planet we live on. And as I wish to protect it just as you, I want my younger generation and those beyond to enjoy it just as I have.

Yes, that may be by a motorized route to a special destination where I believe that teaching that younger generation to be good stewards of the land and to work hard to keep the land just the way it is – public. I don’t believe wilderness is the answer for every piece of land. You can bet I won’t give up on the possibility of there being a better way.

Deep down, we all walk on the same path, just in different shoes. So as I proudly display my sticker, I do so with an open heart and mind that you will continue to see me out there on the trail working hard to keep it clean and promoting responsible use and standing strong for the belief that everyone should have that right to use it, as well.

Jennifer Isenhart

New Castle

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