Proud to live here

Dear Editor:I have always been proud to live in the Roaring Fork Valley, not due to the beauty of its surroundings, but more due to the beauty of its people. This has been emphasized dramatically to me since March 8, when my life changed in an instant. I was with my great friend Patrick Seurynck when another car crossed the median and hit us on Highway 82. Four days later I woke up in Denver General Hospital. Although my body was badly broken, my mind and spirit were intact, mostly due to one reason. I knew that I would get to come home to my incredible family, friends and neighbors in Basalt. Since then, not a day has gone by without me receiving a card, gift or great meal. I have never ventured out without someone stopping to give me a hug or best wishes, even if I did not know them. Many people have introduced themselves to me and said that even though we did not know each other they had been praying for me and were so glad that I was alive. Where would you ever meet nicer people than that?Yes, I have learned the old lesson that life is short and sweet. It will always be more precious to me, mostly due to the fact that I get to live here and I have the best family, friends and neighbors in the whole world. I have been overwhelmed by your care, friendship, kindness and love. Thank you! Joanie HaggertyBasalt