Proud of lacrosse team |

Proud of lacrosse team

Dear Editor:

As Aspen’s number one fan I would love to say congratulations to the Aspen boys lacrosse varsity team on their recent victories over Telluride and Durango. The Aspen Skiers know what serious business is and they play aggressively. I couldn’t be more proud of these boys.

These boys are incredible. Congrats to Colter Birk, Jack Jensen, Daniel Ryerson and Peter Aresty on a successful season. It’s not over yet, we still have a club.

And just remember I will always love you guys no matter what. Watching the Aspen Skiers play lacrosse is always a joy and the way they play is awesome. They fight to win their game. When we are a man down it can be scary, but we turn around and the results can be good at the end of the game.

I love you all so much and you’re wonderful. Remember, you’re always in my heart. Go Skiers, keep it up.

Lauren Jackson


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