Proud of CARE |

Proud of CARE

Dear Editor:I have been employed at Colorado Animal REscue (CARE) for over three years. I cannot be completely objective when discussing CARE, but I can be honest. I have no interest in responding to any letter or reporter. Instead I would like to share why I have worked at CARE since August of 2002.I am very proud of the work done by CARE. I am proud to talk about the abandoned dog that had hip replacement surgery thanks to the shelter and its amazing supporters. I am proud to show the photo of Katherine, a three-legged, nearly blind 20-something cat left for dead who we nursed back to health. I am proud to talk about the wonderful woman who gave two kittens a home this weekend. I am proud to discuss the time spent helping an abused, “backyard” dog learn that it is safe to walk through a doorway. I am proud to talk about the day old kittens rescued from a Dumpster that a staff member kept alive in spite of all odds. I am proud of the hundreds of abandoned cats spayed and neutered through the Street Cat Coalition program at CARE. I am proud to talk about every animal we have struggled passionately for and not been able to save, and I am not ashamed of the tears in my eyes as I share their stories.I’ve loved over a thousand dogs and puppies, and nearly twice as many cats, in my three years. Hard work is done every day by CARE, and astoundingly loving work is done every day, as well. I am grateful to be a part of it, to work with the truly amazing people I do. Time around animals is a gift, and every day that gift is celebrated at CARE.I have stopped reading the local papers. Each day brings a slap to my face, a stab to my heart, a flagrant lack of mutual respect, interest in truth, and recognition of common goals. I wish one “concerned” person would visit CARE, call, ask a question. It seems to be easier to accuse, assume and hurt.Those who wish to discredit CARE may gloat to know they have made me cry through their hate. They may not, however, think that they have lessened my commitment, compassion and thoughtful dedication to Colorado Animal Rescue. There is a reason I have given three years of my life to CARE. I am not a foolish person, nor a cruel person, nor an ignorant person. I am an educated, experienced, ethical person. Above all, I am an animal person. I welcome everyone to visit the shelter, meet the staff, board of directors, supporters, volunteers and the hundreds of animals who are sheltered, cared for and loved – every single animal, every single day. Please learn firsthand! And perhaps walk a dog or brush a cat while you visit – my warmest welcome to all. Jennifer HancewiczGlenwood Springs

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