Protesters defend Saddam’s noncompliance |

Protesters defend Saddam’s noncompliance

News Bulletin: Peace is not simply the absence of fighting. Peace means no threat by all parties involved. Therefore, there is no peace to be had with Saddam as he always has been, and is still, a threat.

This clarified definition goes out to the “Peace” (at any cost), neo-dictator appeasement movement participants. The same kind of appeasement of aggression, in almost an identical scenario, that brought on WWII. In actuality, your protests protect and allow Saddam to continue his programs of destruction within “his” country, and if all goes well (for him) to expand it to us, and others.

This is not a good thing, contrary to the good intentions (of some). Blind idealism has often unintended bad, very bad consequences. Some reality in your idealism would be welcomed by those of us who see you as protectors, facilitators even, of a murderous madman.

And regarding the term protectors – To the city councils in the area and their proclamations of being anti-war. Good, practically everyone in this country is anti-war, the difference being that your proclamations seem to infer that you are anti-war and also anti-Bush.

Why can’t you instead be anti-war and anti-Saddam? Saddam need only comply with U.N. resolution No. 1441, dispose of or declare where the U.N. documented weapons are, step back and we’re Not going to war. So, for this reason I resent your “proclamations” as political posturing.

I mentioned before that there are some in the ranks of protesters that are sincerely of the pacifist tradition, and in their conscience cannot fight no matter what the provocation. I easily can honor those of you for whom this is the case.

My ire is really for the wolves in sheep’s clothing amongst you. Those of ANSWER’s persuasion – ANSWER, for those who haven’t been informed by the biased NPR network, is the Worldwide Socialist worker’s party, true America haters.

ANSWER was instrumental in organizing the protests around the world a couple of weeks ago. Including, of course, marches in major American cities. Large numbers of people in China and Korea. So impressive and meaningful! Well, they better march if they’re told to, or told not to, or risk being squashed or shot in the streets. Better take those large “representatives for peace” out of the count, shall we? Also, include substantial numbers in all the other socialist countries. Any in the U.S.? Are there any America haters in our own marches?

The screaming, in-your-face rhetoric such as “Bush is the Terrorist,” “Imperialist U.S. Regime” and the other nonsense is telling. When any of these folks for peace are asked just to simply answer the questions of where are those weapons documented by the U.N. inspectors in the last go-round, and if gone, then where is the proof of that fact, these peace folks just cannot offer any of their beloved proof.

Instead the questioner is given for an answer another suspiciously sounding brain-washed mantra. One of my favorites being, “No War for Oil.” Question for those of you carrying these placards, you, are of course, on bicycles these days, and heating your homes with solar, or wood? No? Well, then we’ll just have to add another well-earned pejorative description to you, hypocrites!

Another oft repeated phrase – “where is the smoking gun?” A smoking gun means that it has been fired. Who do you find to be an acceptable target so you may have your “irrefutable proof?”

There’s evidence enough for anyone to make an intelligent decision that the time has come to act, or to regret it. For the others there will never be enough evidence, never – until the missiles hit us, or Israel.

On to the Carbondale triad of Saddam apologists, i.e. Sue Gray, Calvin Lee and the Stepstone Center. First the unbelievable Sue Gray, a person either tragically naive, delusional, or what? In her weird affection for Saddam she is truly worthy of note in psychiatric journals. Do you love the Iraqi people, Sue, or do you love Saddam? Can’t be both, sorry.

Calvin Lee, an attorney (must be a criminal attorney) in his denial of any wrong intents of a known madman, already convicted by the first Gulf War he alone caused. “Do not take his weapons away, he is not using them (at this moment) to cause any harm.” “Innocent until proven guilty, I always say.” He has, Calvin. Guess you missed that while you were accusing the U.S. of aggression, huh?

To the Stepstone Center. Please take down the American flag in your upstairs window being used for a curtain. Sue Gray can furnish you with one of her “souvenir” Iraqi flags for that purpose.

Regarding the Aspen “peace rally” of a couple weeks ago. The presence of Pitkin County Sheriff, Mr. Braudis, on the podium with his bud, the government hating, anarchist, certainly unsavory H. Thompson, was nothing less than a low point event even in the ultra-liberal Aspen culture.

Aspen, you’ve come a long way (down) from your heyday of intellectualism in the ’50s. You, Sheriff, quoting Thompson’s idiocy was a disgrace. As an elected official, I expect that moment will be revisited.

Because I love this place, this earth, this country, this beautiful valley, I don’t want to see it blown up by a known madman, or one of his unknown accomplices. I believe dangerous people MUST be confronted, NOT pacified and not tolerated (until we have our “irrefutable proof,”) but be stopped, contained, disarmed. (Any law enforcement official worth his salt should agree to that idea.)

There will be no war if Saddam complies with the rule of law, with the (we resolve to make a resolution) U.N. No. 1441. “Peace folks” look to him, confront him, blame him for this brink of war. Not this president! And thank God that it is he who is president now.

F. Douglas Singleton


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