Protect wilderness from drilling |

Protect wilderness from drilling

Dear Editor:

With all of the proposed drilling for natural gas over the entire state of Colorado, as well as the encroachment of recreational uses on our wilderness areas like the Hidden Gems areas, I just want to express my opinion about the value of wilderness and open space to us as human beings.

The wilderness is very important to the earth and its inhabitants. It is a place of solitary beauty and mystery. A place free of the problems that humanity has brought into this world. People venture into the wilderness to marvel at the magnificent sights that nature brings. There is something about the raw simplicity of it that we find interesting; but if we continue to drill and harvest the Wilderness then after awhile there will be nothing to enjoy. Not only that, but nature has its own right to exist. It was here first and it wasn’t only just put here on Earth for us to enjoy. So we can use the resources it offers for now but we have to be mindful.

We should really look for other sources for energy that won’t harm the environment as much. So I think it would be best if we minimized our impact as much as possible and resist drilling for natural gas in Colorado’s wilderness. For the good of all.

Jake Floria


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