Protect our water |

Protect our water

Colorado’s drought has received much attention lately. All Coloradans are being urged, and in some cases, mandated, to conserve water.

By adopting some simple changes in household activities, residents can conserve water and, at the same time, save money and protect water quality in our lakes, rivers and streams.

For example, use only enough fertilizer to maintain a healthy lawn. Over-fertilized lawns require more water to stay healthy, while lawns with the correct amount of fertilizer grow at a slower rate, requiring less water.

Other tips include lawn aeration – which aids in water absorption and helps prevent polluted runoff – and composting lawn clippings rather than washing them down the storm drain. Finally, sweep rather than hose down your driveway or patio. This prevents debris from running into the nearest storm drain, and saves water.

When it comes to washing your car, use a bucket of water for washing, and the hose for rinsing. Instead of washing it in the driveway where contaminants from your car wash down the gutter and go untreated into the nearest water body, drive your car onto a grass or gravel surface to help filter out some of the pollutants.

Even better, take your car to a commercial car wash. It uses less water, and the wastewater is treated.

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Here are some other things we can all easily do: Properly apply pesticides and fertilizer, properly dispose of used motor oil and pick up pet waste.

Please visit the Colorado Water Protection Project Web site at for more information, or call (303) 861-5195 or (888) 861-9969. And remember: It’s our water, Colorado. Let’s be careful what we put in it.

Cynthia Peterson

Project manager

Colorado Water Protection Project

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