Protect all we can |

Protect all we can

Dear Editor:

I would like to add my support for the Hidden Gems wilderness proposal in its entirety.

It is disappointing that the Roaring Fork Mountain Biking Association is opposing Hidden Gems as it stands, and seems to have joined the ORV groups that value their mode of transportation over the land itself. Bikeable trails in the proposal are few compared to the proliferation of routes that would be still available, and bikers could still ride the protected trails to the wilderness border, chain their bikes to a tree and hike from there in a backcountry surf-and-turf. Fortunately, many cyclists have expressed support for Hidden Gems, proving that the association doesn’t speak for all.

Attacks on the land ever increase, the amount of land remains the same, and we need to be far-sighted enough to protect all we can.

Bruce Berger


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