Prosecute the real criminals |

Prosecute the real criminals

Dear Editor:

After reportedly spending $50 million of our tax dollars to prosecute baseball star Barry Bonds for lying about steroid use (it was not illegal at the time) the government has secured a “victory” of sorts on a minor charge.

What a waste! In the meantime, not a single Goldman Sachs or other bank executive has been prosecuted, much less gone to jail, for the outright fraud and criminal manipulations that caused the 2008 worldwide financial collapse, and cost millions of Americans their jobs and lifetime savings. The fraud included recommending investors buy securities with one hand, and then betting against those same securities with the other! What gives?

The media, and even our government prosecutors, seem more concerned with the minor transgressions of Barry Bonds, Lindsey Lohan and other celebrities, than in bringing justice to those who have done real damage. Where are our national priorities?

Andy Wiessner