Proposal doesn’t fit in with neighborhood |

Proposal doesn’t fit in with neighborhood

Dear Editor:

When Mayor Ireland and the new Aspen City Council listened to the neighbors and the community and voted NO on the Lodge at Lift 1A because it was too “big” and out of scale and character for the neighborhood; and because the project did not meet all of the “goals” of Aspen’s Codified Community Plan, a new chapter and a new future became available for the neighborhood, for the community and for all of the city of Aspen.

At 5 p.m., Monday, March 3, Mayor Ireland and the Aspen City Council have the opportunity to rewrite the future for another piece of land in one of Aspen’s favorite soon-to-be designated “historical” neighborhood’s. It’s a development proposal that did not get approval from our last mayor and City Council. Now the proposal, without many changes to it, is before the new mayor and council for approval. It’s called the Wienerstube building, aka “the old post office gathering place built in 1960.”

It’s hard for some people to imagine how BIG the new proposed building will be since the developer has chosen not put up story poles to show how massive, small or tall the new buildings will be. If you want to get a vision of the scale and character of the new proposal, I would recommend one revisit the plans for the Lodge at Lift 1A. For more information on the impacts to our community in terms of inadequate affordable housing, increased traffic and the proposed buildings overwhelming the character of the neighborhood, please come to the special meeting March 3 to learn more.

Aspen’s future looks a whole lot brighter with our current Mayor Ireland and city council of JE DeVilbiss, Jack Johnson, Duane Romero and Steve Skadron making decisions that reflect the intent of the codified Aspen Area Community Plan. Thank you for following Aspen’s guiding document when the development proposals do not fit the scale and character of the neighborhood.

Toni Kronberg



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