Property taxes by the numbers |

Property taxes by the numbers

Locals trust that the BOCC has managed growth so that it pays its own way in public costs. However, no one dares to verify this unproven assumption. Let’s do our homework.

The 1975 City/County Growth Management Policy Plan has a Fiscal Analysis Section assuming that property-tax revenues will continue to rise, because increases in the valuation of real estate will generate enough revenue to cover the growing costs of providing services.

According to page 36 in the Plan: “Indeed, it appears that new housing, given the current high sales prices for new housing, more than pays its own way.”

Property tax revenues by the numbers confirms the assumption made in the Plan.

Taxing District 2002 1975

County: $12,941,908. $1,592,681.

Schools: $27,201,083. $2,642,214.

Towns: $ 8,074,697. $ 116,270.

Special Districts: $12,937,106. $ 759,681.

Actual Valuation $14,838,113,300. N.A.

In 2002, Pitco has 35 property taxing districts and that number may soon grow to be 36, if Aspen Village votes to go Metro. In 1975, the count was 13.

We dare the BOCC to update the 27-year-old Fiscal Analysis and verify that the massive increases in property-tax revenues are covering the costs of growth.

This fall, our property-taxing districts are drafting their budgets for 2004. The county commissioners should go to the 34 budget hearings to discuss pay-as-you-go tax policy with 170 elected officials and their staff. Each hearing will verify whether or not growth is paying, has paid and will pay its own way in public costs.

Note: Property Tax Valuations For Dummies can be found in the State’s current Analysis of the 2003 Ballot Proposals.

Be Brave Comrades.

KNCB Moore


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