Proper signs can help the roundabout |

Proper signs can help the roundabout

Dear Editor:

Your article (“Bus lanes approach finish line,” Oct. 11) about the new bus lane and how getting in and out of Aspen will be more hassle-free is true to some extent. We use the bus and ride our bikes into town and back to the Airport Business Center as often as we can, but there are times that we have to use our car.

Getting into town with our car is not as bad as leaving town. There are signs posted going into town that let drivers know the left lane is used for through-traffic going into Aspen and the right lane is for “right turns only” (Castle Creek and Maroon Creek roads) and that it is clearly not to be used as a passing lane. On the other hand, leaving town needs to be clearly marked as well. I have never seen a roundabout used with two lanes exiting into a merge some 50 feet down the road. The roundabout, if used properly, can work if the left lane going out of town is used for left turns only going to Castle Creek and Maroon Creek roads and not as a passing lane. This would allow traffic coming from those roads to move into that traffic pattern without dealing with those trying to pass on the left leaving town.

If CDOT, EOTC, RFTA and the Aspen Police Department would like to limit the amount of “road rage” in the roundabout, then they should be thinking about using the proper signs to eliminate passing on the left just to get maybe two or three cars ahead of the other guy. Can we work on this? Please! Then maybe the bumper sticker that reads “Relax … It’s Aspen” can actually be somewhat true. As of now this system has way to many gray areas and it’s definitely not relaxing or hassle-free.

Let’s make the roundabout more user friendly.

Bianca Ostrander and family


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