Prop 102 compromises judicial system |

Prop 102 compromises judicial system

Dear Editor:

This election brings some very interesting choices for Colorado. None leads with fear more that Proposition 102 promoted by Safe Streets Colorado. The proposition would take from judges the ability to utilize pretrial services programs designed by judicial districts to relieve indigent small offenders of the need to post bond at an un-reimbursable cost of $1,000-plus for a $10,000-plus bond. This will force an impoverished second offender of a minor crime to remain in jail at a cost to taxpayers. Or become indentured to a loan company.

The bill was written by the Allegheny Casualty International Fidelity Associated Bond Co. and is backed by Bail USA. It is estimated that it will cost taxpayers $2.8 million a year in unnecessary incarcerations while giving the bond industry a cash cow of small offenders. The Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition recommends that we vote “no” on Prop 102.

John Hoffmann


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