Prop 102 benefits bondsmen, overcrowds jails |

Prop 102 benefits bondsmen, overcrowds jails

Dear Editor:

I am voting “NO” on Proposition 102 based on my 20 years experience as a criminal court judge in a large metropolitan area.

This proposition seems to be in part a business development idea by the bail bond industry. As stated in The Denver Post, “A coalition of law enforcement officers, prosecutors and defense lawyers is urging voters to defeat the proposal.” This proposition if passed would not only further limit pretrial services where available, but would also divert money to bondsmen that could be used by persons accused of a crime to reimburse the state for the pretrial services.

It would also lead to further overcrowding of jails and added costs to the taxpayers. Pretrial services are a great aid to the criminal justice system when young adult offenders are involved and in many types of cases including drugs. A modern progressive state such as Illinois abolished bail bondsmen more than 45 years ago.

Bob Nix Sr.


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