Projects that need attention |

Projects that need attention

Dear Editor:

Summer is drawing to a close, and a couple of items have been on my mind that need attention:

Damage to McSkimming Road: With so many construction vehicles on our road, there is much deterioration of this one-mile roadway; potholes and roadside erosion have made it dangerous all summer for bicyclists and pedestrians, not to mention the safety factor and damage it does to our vehicles in attempting to avoid these areas.

Midland/Park one-way issue: If this area on the east end is to become a one way circling back to the highway, it makes more sense to have the one way enter to the north on Park and exit the one way on Midland to the south onto Highway 82. This would avoid the constant conflict of anyone turning left heading to the east-side neighborhoods and toward Independence Pass to not be turning directly into those turning right to go west into Aspen.

Hopkins Bridge crosswalk: Especially if the new bicycle path along Snyder to McSkimming Rd. becomes a reality, it makes sense to place a pedestrian/bicycle crosswalk on the strip of road that crosses Park Ave., going either toward or away from the Hopkins St. Bridge, as even currently it is a dangerous situation for pedestrians and cyclists using the bridge at this juncture to travel east/west on Park.

Signage: Considering the tragic deaths up Independence Pass at Devil’s Punchbowl and the Grottos, it would seem to make sense to have some kind of “Please Use Caution” signage indicating slippery rock/rushing waters, to at least make unsuspecting visitors aware of the conditions at these areas.

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Thanks very much for your attention to these items!

Susan Capiel/Collin